International Boyface Day

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What's in store? Four sessions are available and you can choose to take part in some or all of them. There are prices to reflect this, and we have tried to keep the costs really manageable. And if you want something that doesn't quite fit the pricing model then just fill in the form anyway and let us know in the notes section.

PLUS! All schools taking part in the sessions will receive a free set of resources to complement the first Boyface books. They cover reading and writing ideas, PSHE and philosophy, AND art and design.

PLUS PLUS!!! All schools registering interest (even if you don't end up taking part) will be entered into a draw to win a free set of books.

Ready to register your interest? Sign up here now now now to be in with a chance of winning FREE BOOKS and to get the ball rolling if you think you want to sign your school up for some of the sessions.

The Programme and Prices

All sessions are delivered via Zoom and we have decided just to send schools one link per session - there won't be a cap on how many classes or children can take part.

*Please check the tech before the day starts! All sessions are 45 minutes.*

Session 1, 9.30am: 'Assembly' with James Campbell and Mark Weighton - what's it like to create a book together, what's the deal with the Boyface books, what are the best bits (in their opinion) and an opportunity to ask a real live author and illustrator/artists questions. It will be really funny and inspiring.

£30 for this session alone

Sessions 2 and 3:

  • 11am: Mark will take you through a drawing workshop in which he shows the children how to draw Boyface himself and how to draw pretty much anything. He will also talk about the maps (the end papers) that are at the beginning and end of each Boyface book.

  • 1.30pm: James will lead you through a writing workshop around names that are things, magical machines, and what can go wrong with them. Children will finish the workshop with a story plotted out and ready to write in full. They will also pick up ideas on very useful things like editing.

£40 for these two sessions alone or £70 for sessions 1-3

Session 4, 3.45pm: Phonology, Morphology, Etymology - weaving wordiness into reading in KS2. Join 'the woman with the words' Rebecca Leek who is a previous headteacher and Senco and does loads of training for schools. This session will be ideal for anyone involved with the teaching of reading (so ECTS, established teachers, LSAs, subject leaders, Sencos and other senior leaders). It will look at ways of delivering a whole class reading model in KS2, ways to teach vocabulary, how to get children excited about words, and a top up on the best ways to read with children - both in groups and one to one. It will be based around the book too so all the delicious wordiness in the book will provide the backdrop. Even if you are ace at all this, it will provide a new angle on some well-tested ideas and provide some fuel to keep you going until the end of term.

£30 for this session alone or Sessions 1, 2, 3 and 4: £100

A bit more about Rebecca here


How long are the sessions? All the sessions are 45 minutes long.

How are the sessions delivered? They are delivered on Zoom. It will just be one link per school to keep it simple but you can use it in different classrooms. It is best if each class (or adult for Session 4) has their own screen and means of 'chatting' so that the children, or adult can ask a question.

My child is home schooled - can we still take part? Absolutely. There's room on the 'register your interest' form to state this and we will get in touch with an adjusted rate depending on which sessions you want to join.

Can we buy the book(s) before the day? Yes you can. They are available from independent bookshops (see this page for more on this) but if you want to order more than 10 books (like a class set for example) then please email and we can sort something out.

Are the sessions going to be boring? Whilst we like all words, boring is not really a word that features in the Boyface world. In fact, we think that it is not really possible to be bored when you are anywhere near quantum things.

Can we pay less because we have a stretched budget? Unfortunately we have put the prices as low as we can manage. Even authors and people like that have to eat.

Can we have a real life visit instead on another date? Yes. Just email to let us know what you are thinking. In life sessions cost more though, what with travel and it being for one school only. #IBD is a great way to get an affordable author visit and everything that comes with it.

Can I tell my friends who work in other schools about this? Can they get a discount if we book together? Please do tell your friends about #IBD. You can just send them a link to this website. We can't really offer discounts for groups of schools but let us know what you are thinking in the notes section (e.g. if you are part of a MAT and all 6, 7, 8 schools want to join in and we'll see what we can do).