Boyface and all that...

Boyface is a very special ten-year old boy. His family has a magical machine which they use to mess about with the patterns on things and animals. Mainly they get zebras (which are cheap if you know where to get them) and put them through the machine. This removes their stripes and allows them to sell them to people as ponies (which are really expensive). The process doesn't hurt the zebras. Although it does tickle a bit and makes them sneeze. And sometimes they explode. But we don't talk about that.

James Campbell's magical Boyface books have been enthralling young readers since they were first published in 2013 (nearly 10 years ago!!). They are the kind of books that children read with a torch under their duvet when they are supposed to have gone to sleep.

With International Boyface Day being established this year on 1st December, Boyface and the world of the Stripemongers and Stoddenage-on-Sea will continue to inspire machine builders, dreamers, questioners and laughter emitters for years to come.

"James Campbell is the funniest man I know," Chris Riddell