The Creators

The story goes that Mark phoned up his mate James one day to ask what he was doing. "I've just written a story," said James. "Can I read it?" asked Mark. They then met up at a party that evening and Mark insisted that he be the illustrator. An amazing partnership began. The book and early illustrations were sent to various publishers and eventually Hodder Children's accepted the idea on the condition that it needed A LOT OF WORK. James then spent a year making it longer, then shorter, then funnier, then less weird. Whole new characters were created, back-stories were spun and slowly the world of Stoddenage-on-Sea took shape. James would visit Mark's house for weekends and the two of them would work together. James wrote. Mark drew. A lot of tea was drunk. A lot of nonsense was spoken and created.

James Campbell

(writes the words)

James is a writer and comedian for children. He has currently published eleven books in ten different languages all around the world. James performs his Funny Life shows in theatres and festivals all around the world including the Royal Festival Hall and the Hay Literary Festival. James loves visiting schools and has been to over 3000 of them!

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Mark Weighton

(draws the pictures)

Mark is an artist and illustrator. For over thirty years, Mark Weighton has been creating artworks that explore a vision of the interconnected nature of existence. From his studio in Surrey, he has exhibited his work internationally and features in many private and public collections across Europe and the Americas.

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